What are y'all reading?

Hey y’all, what are you guys reading? I know it’s a commitment to get into reading but its fun to see what others like to read. Especially in the case of the wildlife space. heres a pic of what I’ve been reading. Some of these titles may look familiar.


This is a great book to flick through to learn about a variety of species from the beginning of life until now.

Another good book I’ve been reading is called Emperors of the deep, it can be a hard read with it going into detail of the shit treatment of sharks but really is an eye opener.


Despite my prevalent references to books in the INTRODUCE YOURSELF thread, i haven’t been getting much reading done for about 5 years. The last real book i read took me 14 months. And it was a good book, even! With my busy work schedule, i am finding it very hard to find the time. This is down from 2-3 books a month not too long ago. In short, it’s been gnawing at me and im very happy to say that Ive just recently had success with a new plan to get some reading done at work. I work in a factory, and of course we sometimes have downtime while waiting on something or other. But at the same time, sitting down and not acting busy is frowned on by the managers, of course, so i hadn’t tried this before. But im nearing my 5 year mark at this company and i am more confident in what i can get away with. Anyway long story, im getting like 3 to 15 pages in a day and im thrilled to death. I picked up a book called PRARIE FIRES because i think a lot of the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE books stemming from when i was a kid, and this book tells the story behind those books and of the author. What i didn’t realize, it is also a well-written history book authored from an empathetic perspective, with a spattering of environmental history, to boot. Im really enjoying this. Also, reading a really great alternative history fiction book called YEARS OF RICE AND SALT by Kim Stanley Robinson. I’ve learned more about non-Western cultures than in my years in college studying this stuff.

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the best book i read recently was Otherlands by Thomas Halliday. when we and my gf went to SF, we went to a bookstore called City Lights and bought each other a book and this was the one i choose. it’s a GREAT book for people who are into prehistory and it is very new. it just came out in february so it is very updated and each chapter is basically a focus on certain features that were made prevalent in that time period, going from most recent (20,000 years ago) all the way to the start (Ediacaran epoch 555 million years ago) i give it a solid 10/10.

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Braighden, that book does indeed sound cool. When you say prehistory, you mean biological prehistory (as opposed to archeological prehistory) right? I was a little surprised to learn that zooarcheology is actually a thing. In fact, it’s a pretty well-researched and widely known thing…i had just never heard of it. It mostly deals with ancient human garbage heaps, but occasionally some really cool stuff comes out. Sometimes certain sizable animals that we never knew existed.

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Both! At least, I think so. It’s very vivid in describing each epoch and describing of how the environmental changes also changes the organisms that evolve in it and when applicable, relates it to modern day adaptations that we see. Sorry, just got back from vacation!

As a grad student drowning in work I am reading papers on papers on papers :sweat_smile:, but if anyone wants a recommended reading or two in adventure and/or wildlife here are a few. I’m happy to discuss them further for anyone interested:

Endurance by Alfred Lansing
Song of the Dodo by David Quammen
Lifespan by David Sinclair

Probably my favorite book cover.

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Seth, do you ever listen to podcasts?
Because I’m very sure you’d enjoy this one:

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Seth, i just realized that for some reason my reply to YOUR post didn’t tag YOU

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Nice I’ll have to check that out thanks.

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Currently reading this book by Buddy Levy. He’s written quite a few other books; David Crockett’s life, the Hernan Cortes and Francisco de Orellana expeditions, and another Arctic expedition. I find he writes history in a very compelling and intriguing way. His research and attention to detail is very apparent. Haven’t finished it yet but I can safely and truthfully recommend this. His first Arctic book is called Labyrinth of Ice. I came by him through Steven Rinella’s MeatEater Podcast. He had Buddy Levy on as a guest and discussed this book and I was hooked. I found them at Barnes & Noble reasonably priced.

That’s pretty cool. I love reading historical novels and history books. Is this a fiction “based on true events” (a novelization? Is that a good word to use?) or a history book? I’m really enjoying one of each at the moment. PRARIE FIRES a sort of biography and history text rolled into one…i guess all good biographies do a little of that…on the author of the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE books. The story of poor pioneers of the midwest really doesn’t get as much attention as you’d think. At least in my experience.

Then i was recommended an alternative history novel YEARS OF RICE AND SALT. Alternative history is usually lumped with scifi, and in the sense of extrapolation and speculation i guess it is. But the book reads with deep realism, only this is adventure novel in a historical setting.

I realize now that I’m just repeating myself from an earlier post. Well here’s the good news…still enjoying both of them, and more importantly made huge progress in both. Last post i was about two chapters into each…now half done.

I read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson over my Christmas vacation - super fun read if anyone wants a good page-turner. Learned a lot too!

LoneStar, my reply to you didn’t “tag” you. Let’s see if this one does.

Also, i didnt follow any book podcasts until recently…it’s actually on YouTube but i call it a podcast…but i am really enjoying LIENE’S LIBRARY as a weekly thing.

A WALK IN THE WOODS at first sounds like a nature book, haha.

But you said page-turner. This website probably has a decent number of people who get really excited about nature books, but I’m guessing that’s not what you meant, haha.

Then again, you said you learned stuff.

Adventure? Survivalist stuff?