The Wild Times iNaturalist Project!

What up fellow brosteners!

I wanted to remind anyone/everyone on here that The Wild Times has an iNaturalist project! If you’ve never heard of iNaturalist, it’s a phenomenal non-profit organization that maintains a database of user’s observations in the natural world. Once you’re signed up for iNaturalist, you can take a photo or record a sound of an organism, upload it to the site, and the computer vision model will help direct you towards a correct identification of that organism. Once you’ve uploaded your organism, other users can help you hone in on an ID, and boom, you’re contributing to the understanding of the natural world around us! Not only can you use iNaturalist to contribute as a citizen scientist, it makes for a terrific tool to keep track of your “life list”, the plants, animals and fungi you’ve seen. Once you start keeping an eye out, it’s amazing how many species of critters you can find, even in your own backyard. The one and only @DrewBruh brought to my attention that I’ve taken over the #1 spot for total species tallied on The Wild Times iNaturalist project…so I need ya’ll to join and give me some competition!

Here’s a link to the project…hope to see you all there!


  • Peter