I’m new just saying hi

Hey I’m Austin Just joined use to watch extinct or alive absolutely loved it went down a rabbit hole today involving forrest and found a podcast this place and other shows he did this is absolutely awesome just awesome idk if I did this right but freaking awesome

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What’s up Austin, welcome to the Brommunity! You’ve stumbled across quite the group :smiling_imp:. Are you on Discord? I’d definitely recommend hopping in our server there as well!

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What’s up Austin! Welcome aboard haha



Pwilson, im confused, i thought you were from SC

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Austin, well met.

Yeah, “freaking awesome” is the phrase, alright.

I also was a fan of EXTINCT OR ALIVE and first saw Forrest there. Followed him like you did. While i am quite sure EVERYBODY here was a fan of that show, i wonder how many people learned of Forrest in other ways? I know of a least one guy on Facebook who had never seen the show but knew of Forrest because of his interest in the thylacine “de-extinction”

So where you from, Austin? I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. Born, raised, and lived in this area most of my life except 4 years in Oklahoma and 8 months in Costa Rica (the one near Panama).

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Welcome Bro! Glad to have ya here!

I hear good things about Lewis BBQ! I need to hit it up!

Sounds like a Carolina Brostener Blitz is in order… :eyes:

Im obviously not in N.C, but i really like the idea of Brostner meetups. I actually have trips out east planned for later this year.

If it starts to look like I will be able to peel away from my planned trip for a day or 2, ill definitely try and hit up the group and see if a meetup is possible!
I really want to go splunking, and i know yall have some awesome caves and geography out that way.

Yall ever partake in any earth penatration xD?

^^^penetration, you say @Barefoot_Bubba

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