Graham Hancock needs an EXTINCT OR ALIVE format show

I haven’t seen Graham Hancock’s new show (8 episode documentary i guess you’d call it) but boy ive heard lots about it.

Some good, some bad, most too emotional on both sides to be fair. Look up his name on YouTube and you’ll see what i mean.

For anyone who doesn’t know it’s a little like ANCIENT ALIENS but more about Atlantis and the host is a journalist who has become very famous already writing books like FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS.

I realize this is a bit outside the wheelhouse of zoology and biology, and thus the bromunnity at large, but i feel like the model presented by EXTINCT OR ALIVE was amazing and is exactly what science media should be doing.

One caveat though: i could see when EXTINCT OR ALIVE was pushed too hard to provide excitement and drama, not to mention a TV show format, and bowed to corporate necessities. I was hoping that if the show lived long enough it could assert the ideals of science over entertainment a bit more.