Going to do some bird watching from my in-laws back porch

Oh, they live in Costa Rica.

I leave in about 4 days.

I’m a lucky man. I will share some more photos when I’m there.

The photos here are from a few weeks ago, taken by my wife’s mother, and today is Dec 28, 2022

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Day 1 in CR is January 2 and we are bringing in the new year with some NC rum (i splurged on) at our AirBnB at Playa Del Coco in Guanacaste. Photo is my wife’s step-father.

Playa Del Coco in Guanacaste.

Day 3 Morning…yesterday was my first morning in CR…and my first iguana sighting of the year

I started out sitting on the patio…then birdwatching…then squirrelwatching…then iguanawatching…

The photos aren’t very good today…at least for animals…im still just hanging around the house

The best birds i saw i never got a good enough photo of. There was this beautiful magpie-jay. That’s actually one of the reasons i didn’t post yesterday. I kept hoping I’d get a photo.

The squirrels look very different here. I wasn’t expecting that. Should have, probably.

Oh, I’m not posting all these photos just to brag. I want to encourage my fellow Americans about what is possible. Also, i want to promote Costa Rica. Also, i want to maybe help some of my fellow nature lovers make a trip like this.

Day 4 morning…i just saw it! The magpie-jay, maybe my favorite bird!

Love the updates man! I’m hoping to do a CR trip end of the summer, may need to drop you a line for some hot tips…

Drew, “End of summer” is the tail end of their rainy season. I think that’s a good time to come, actually. But buy an umbrella when you get here (or pack one, but they’re cumbersome).

Consider packing a raincoat, too.

The good news is their rainy season isn’t actually that rainy. It rains everyday, but sometimes only in the morning until noon.

More good news. That’s the “off season” for tourists, so less crowds and better availability and some lower prices.

But by contrast, I’m in CR in the “High and Dry season” and it hasn’t rained at all since i got here. High tourism because most of America and Canada are freakin’ cold. Dry weather during the North Am winter.

Any idea where in CR you are going?

And dammit no tag again on my reply

Evening of Day 5…lots of adventures yesterday and today, including going snorkeling (without a snorkel…so goggling?) and seeing all kinds of cool fish and coming up on a wild stingray! It just glided off. No drama. That was actually Day 3. Today was fairly chill.

But yesterday and today i saw a really cool ibis of some kind. I figure it’s a female.

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Evening of Day 6 … i think this is a bare-throated tiger heron that i saw today…saw some spider monkeys too but no photo…oh we’re at our AirBnB until next Tuesday morning, and the plan after that is to go stay with my in-laws a week.

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Late afternoon Day 7 … i’ve been seeing the wild parakeets at a distance all trip, and especially hearing them, but hadn’t gotten a nice photo until a few minutes ago.

The sun is setting and it framed the birds so nicely. They are sitting in the top of an almond tree beside my AirBnB.

Good morning! Today is Day 10 morning, January 11, and guess who i just saw at breakfast? Not sure this passes as “wildlife” though :wink:

Today is our first day out from the AirBnB. We are now in a hotel at Playa Samara (playa is simply the Spanish word for BEACH). We spent much of yesterday just traveling by car. The roads are so bad here, both in potholes and poor organization, that it took us 4 hours, but back home would probably have been less than 2 hours.

Evening of Day 10
Today has been eventful but nothing crazy. But yesterday was a really eventful day. We stopped by Playa Conchal which has a reputation as one of the top best beaches in the entire world. And after seeing it, i agree. It is a beach made almost entirely of shells, almost no sand. I have never heard of such a thing. The combination of shells and lava rock means no sand means astonishingly clear water. Superior snorkeling,
but i prefer no snorkel. So goggling? Our first visit to Conchal days before was excellent water, but yesterday the waves were intensely violent and the tide was wrong. So i have some great photos, but they are not of snorkeling. I think, though, i can get them to tell a story.

Day 11

Day 12

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Day 13 evening…after a roundabout beach tour, and a long drive, i am at my wife’s parent’s house near the town Atenas, in the mountains.

Im not giving too much description for my photos unless someone asks.

Day 15

@Richard_Jordan Not an expert on Costa Rican wildlife by any means, but I agree with Bare-throated Tiger-Heron

Day 16 at Las Musas Waterfall and EcoPark

Day 17 at Rio Tarcoles

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Unreal! How did you get so lucky to spend 17 days in Costa Rica??