100 New Species Found in Deep Sea - TWTtitleonly Ep. 140

Originally published at: https://wildtimes.club/100-new-species-found-in-deep-sea-twttitleonly-ep-140/

Over 100 new species have been discovered in the deep sea off the coast of Chile, a real dragon stopped a housing development in Australia, and we play a fun new game called Dinosaur or Muscle. Enjoy!

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Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT 140 – The Breakdown
00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Skunk issue
05:00 – Rabbies
07:37 – Over 100 New Deep Sea Species Found
13:47 – Cartoons Used To Be Insane
17:08 – Mountain Men Back in the Day/Fur Trapped
21:51 – John Colter’s Run
30:20 – Animal Sightings+Bug Assault
32:56 – Dragon Stalled Housing Development in Australia
36:10 – Crazy New Cities in the World
38:50 – Japan Diving Trip
44:18 – High Altitude Breathing + New Boots
48:10 – Dinosaur or Muscle?
1:06:37 – Outro

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