What’s up fellow meager bipedal hominids! Lol been following everything on YouTube and decided that …”it’s time” …

Brenner, you’ve talked me into downloading that particular episode ASAP :wink:

Gord, do you listen to podcasts? Okay that’s a stupid question seeing as you are a fan of TWT.

I do a donation on Patreon to a UK wildlife guy named Cookie. His videos are on YouTube so i guess technically not a podcast.

You seen any of his stuff? And have you heard about those Chinese Water Deer?

Forgot to mention Scorpions! I’ve found 3 of them in SC - all under decaying logs/bark.

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Peter, speaking of that, i guess the northwest corner of SC is part of the Appalachian mountains? A wedge. Do you live over there? What mentioned how far away Charlotte is … what significant NC city is nearest?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the NC part of the Appalachians. I can recommend some great hiking.


Hello there Retep and my fellow club members, first time on this page. Signed up for Discord several days ago and have been having a great time. I always look forward to new wild times podcasts and videos, keep them coming boys.

Derek Hanson

Welcome to the forum dude!!

The bros had Cookie on as a pod guest you know…

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I did NOT know that! How cool! I’ll have to look it up. Thanks! @DrewBruh

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Hey bros! First time on here in ages, how’s everyone doing?


Doing good. Just learned what a waxwing (bird) is, and learned the Cedar variety is in my state depending on season. I’d like to see one. I am about to go back to work (on Monday) after my yearly vacation in Costa Rica. I made a post about animals i saw on the trip, if you’d like to check it out @ejdwin

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I just finished the Cookie Wild Times vid on YouTube…thanks man!

The coolest part for me was when Forrest says he’d use his “street cred” to find a Bigfoot in Washington State…because isn’t that EXACTLY what someone did, about a year later? I feel like it was Coyote Petersen, and it was a skull, and it was a big publicity stunt. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Yessir I do, that was a certified shitshow. They really laid on the clickbait with that one, even though they were claiming to be trying to re-enact how a hypothetical bigfoot discovery might go. Not well-executed in my opinion and in the opinions of many…


Braighden, I just watched a YouTube video (by PaleoAnalysis) (that i enjoyed immensely) on the precontact native species of New Caledonia, which got me thinking about the Atlas Pro video on Hawaii, comparing how the two islands developed, and that got me thinking back to my breif conversation with you.

You might be interested, like i was.


Hey everyone, I’m Mitch. From Pennsylvania and actually a hunter which is probably kinda unusual for this podcast audience but I love animals and am a student of ecology. And I love every episode of this podcast. Cheers everyone! And go Steelers, even though we suck.

Hey Mitch. Actually i was kinda under the impression it WASN’T unusual for fans to be hunters. Forrest talks about hunting all the time. And knowledge of the natural world and hunting are inseperable. I’m in no way a hunter myself, and while i don’t think it’s a majority i definitely think hunters are not uncommon on here. I have no statistics…just a guess.

Anyway, hi from Carolina

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Good points! Cheers!