What’s up fellow meager bipedal hominids! Lol been following everything on YouTube and decided that …”it’s time” …

GalaxyCat, are you Irish in heritage or nationality? Either way cool that you are here. Do you listen to podcasts? Because i listen semi-regularly to a podcast called WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD made by an Irish guy in Ireland who talks about all kinds of fun stuff, including natural history mysteries, like Thomas Jefferson’s mammoths. And i think he made the Sea Eagle episode which was incredible. He is very rational in his interest in the paranormal and natural weird, a thing i really appreciate. Oh, and of course he talks about Ireland. He’s the guy that first clued me in that wallabies are hopping around wild in some areas of the UK, something i had never heard.

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Hey there I’m Irish both heritage or nationality all my family are Irish and was born and raised here. I listen to a few podcasts but after starting college I rarely have time to listen to them. Im studying Environmental science in Cork and hopfully get into UCC next year.
I will check out the podcast and hopfully learn a few things from it. Thank you for the recommendation.

Interestingly enough, until recently the podcast host also lived in Cork. I think Environmental Science is a wonderful major (dunno about career anything really). There’s a book called MANAGING THE COMMONS by Garrett Hardin, which i had to find on my bookshelf to check the author, and in which he expands on his essay (i think it was) called THE TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS … it was recommend to me in college, and was very worthwhile to read. Are you aware of either the book or the phrase?

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Yes we went over it and it was very interesting a lot of critical thinking involved which I found very interesting. An open mind is needed when reading and researching the tragedy of the commons. I also find Tyler Millers book, Living in the environment highly interesting. We have to book in our college but I’d love to buy it myself. Have you heard of him or the book?

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Galaxy, i very much agree that COMMONS is in many ways counter-intuitive and moreso counter-human-nature and counter-how-we-are-used-to-doing-things. I was pleased when you mentioned that, because it brought memories of the book flooding back. And no i have not read or heard of your recommendation. Until now, that is. I really appreciate it and gives me something to hunt down. I consider a recommendation from this community especially worth looking into.

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Indeed it can be especially with the growing human population and degradation of natural recourses and ecosystems. Its a huge problem we face and will continue to face. I highly recommend Living in the Environment by Tyler Miller i think there is a free PDF file of it I think one of my classmates downloaded it but im not sure.

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Hey guys, I’m currently completing my Master of Science at the University of Guelph in Canada. I’m doing my research at the Toronto Zoo, where I’m investigating the impacts of epigenetics on cellular reprogramming success rates-- essentially, trying to improve our ability to reprogram cells for cloning or stem cell production in the context of preserving the genetic diversity of endangered species via artificial reproduction in captivity.

I love to spend time outside when possible (F Canadian winters though), reading, and watching football (go Raiders!). I previously worked as a zookeeper at both the Toronto Zoo and African Lion Safari

Huge fan of the pod, been listening since day 1. You’ve shared one of the clips I sent before (seagull standing on another seagull mid-flight), and Forrest butchered saying my name (I forgive you).


Hello everyone! I’m Jacob, and I’ve been listening since pretty much the beginning (not a day 1 brostner but I started listening in like Spring/Summer 2020). I’ve loved wildlife since as long ago as I can remember. My parents were not always amused when I tried to bring frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, etc. into the house as a child. Now I’m a Biology Education major/zoology minor in college, as I hope to inspire the next generation to have the same passion for animals that I do. (Shameless plug: Follow @ jacoblooksatnature on instagram if you’re interested in fun facts, (sometimes poor quality) photos, and interesting stories). I am also an avid birder, and would love to be the pod’s “resident ornithologist” or something🤣

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Mister Avid Birder, JocobM, have you ever seen one of these? I was really excited when i first did because i had previously had no idea they existed. I was on vacation at Tybee Island, Georgia (US). I’m sharing because it’s just about my favorite bird moment. It’s a seabird called a black skimmer.

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As a Midwesterner, I don’t get a ton of chances at seeing seabirds😂 I tried to find some on my vacation to Florida last winter but was unsuccessful. It’s such a cool bird, and its feeding strategy is so cool too. Their lower bill mandible is longer than the top so they fly along the water surface with their mouths open “skimming” for fish. Great pic btw!

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JacobM, you certainly do know what that was. Wow, cool. And funny enough that is just a photo off Google. I took mostly videos down at Tybee. You’ve inspired me to go edit out a screenshot so i have an “authentic” photo! Haha. My wife and i say a black skimmer looks like a cross between a puffin and a toucan!
Have you ever seen a Green Jay? I think they are more like in Texas and Arizona. The only reason i know of them is our local zoo had one or two in their desert building. Beautiful birds.
What’s your coolest bird story?

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Green jays are definitely on my bucket list, but I haven’t got the chance to see them yet. I believe they live in far Southern Texas and Mexico. They’re very cool looking! My coolest bird story is probably when a few friends and I took an impromptu trip to Nevada to look for birds. We flew out there, rented a pickup truck, and found places around the state to pitch our tents for a week or so. Lots of cool birds, interesting stops, and fun memories!

Damn it i should’ve said “Brornithologist”

EricH, are you from Canada originally? For some reason, your comment (F Canada winters) stuck in my head. I’m really thinking about possible alternatives to living in the U.S. because things seem to be getting worse and worse, here. Also, you mentioned reading: what are you reading at the moment? (There’s another "what are you reading " thread on here somewhere…feel free to post there)

Hey everyone!

I have loved animals since I was a little kid, and TWT feels like hanging out with buddies just talking about wildlife! My parents told me stories about finding me asleep in my room with my nose in my various animal encyclopedias and anytime I’m at the zoo, I’m their personal tour guide. I was in school for wildlife biology but honestly I don’t think that school is the path for me (any suggestions from y’all would be appreciated). I am an avid freshwater fisherman, and I paint fishing lures! If any of you are ever interested in fishing lures or in getting something airbrushed to look like a fish, let me know! I’d love to have Forrest fishing with my lures too…

Happy to be part of the Brommunity!


Careful, we’ve got one of those in Discord :wink:. Welcome!!

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Hey Richard!

Yes, I was born and raised in Canada (Ontario specifically, near Toronto) – that’s fair, our neighbours to the south really are a rowdy bunch and their politics provide endless entertainment for us up here in the great white north :wink:

I was reading (and just finished) “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens – I would highly recommend to any naturalist interested in a fiction novel! The author was a zoologist by trade and the story really does revolve around and within the swamps and marshes of North Carolina, as well as the wildlife found there!

NP, your comments about freshwater fish got me thinking to a photo i took a few years and wasn’t sure what the fish was.

I was gonna ask you but instead i made a new post so other people will see it, too.

What do you think?

Also, have you considered working at a fish farm? As a guy that loves freshwater fishing
AND biology it seems like a cool idea.


I believe that is a Grass Carp, the scale shape is similar to other carp I’ve seen and the coloration matches.

I’ve thought about working at a fish farm but honestly I’m not sure how I feel about working on the same environment every day. At this point I’m thinking of going back to school and getting certified in different welding techniques. That kind of job would be needed anywhere in the world, and it would give me an opportunity to make metal sculptures. I’ve also thought about getting into fabrication for off-road vehicles.

I’m hoping that my fishing lure business continues to do well so that I can turn fishing into my career.

My bad, I really should get more involved over there