Random wildlife encounter

I just wanted to share a photo of a cicada outside my house that my gf named Cedric, hes currently crawling on my arm and enjoying some relaxation

Found another one, apparently theyre called floury bakers

The first one is cedric and i named this guy marty

And now we have some more guests

I gots one, too :wink:

Never seen a wingless wasp before this year.
Called a cow killer ant. Note: “ant”
These photos are back months go, before it got cold. July in North Carolina


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Love to visit America at some point to see all the different things you guys have

And i’d love to visit Australia at some point and see all the animals you have! Haha.

I’m gonna leave you with a photo from the North Carolina mountains i took about a year ago. I got tired of scrolling though my phone for a better pic.

Keep in mind the United States most of the world thinks of is from the movies. The movies coming out of California. Sometimes they see the Rocky Mountains. A different part of the world from me. Movies made in my part of the world are LAST OF THE MOHICANS and the first HUNGER GAMES