New here, glad to be a part of the family!

Hello brosners and retep! I am brand new here and just got the broologist tier membership! This is such an amazing community and I’m happy that I can join! Could you please help me out, what cool features are there on here? I’ve never used Patreon either so just kinda trying to figure everything out.



Hey buddy! Glad to have you here :grin:
Patreon is pretty rad! Since you got the Brologist tier, you have:

  • 73 bonus episodes to catch up on :wink:
  • Extinct or Alive behind the scenes
  • Access to AMAs with the bros
  • Patreon-only content (such as the Taco Bell tasting)
  • And tons of other stuff (such as Forest telling stories, and a couple of Pat&Retep’s past podcast tidbits)

Hope you have fun!

Hey Richie. Rich here. Good to meet you, whatever that means on the Internet.

I have no recollection of what tier i joined as, haha. It was at least 6 months ago.

I’m still trying to figure out “what cool features” are around for members like you and me. Best I’ve been able to figure is start conversations and post pics, stories, questions. I’ve been trying. I’ve got a few posts on here. I’ve had fun talking to people, all public, although it is very hard to get interest without tagging people like this @gord @DrewBruh @Dylectable @Barefoot_Bubba @GalaxyCatWoman @MickeyDaMoose @EricHawrylyshyn @Seth_Isaacson @Skoll_Hati

Truth is, the actual podcast peeps aren’t too involved over here.

Hit the AT button and start a name.

Hey, and comment on new videos that get released, on the Patreon. Maybe get some dialogs going. Get into some conversations.

So, where you from Richie? I’m from North Carolina. Just a fan, like you sound. I know a bit about animals, because that’s a big subject i read about. I figure that’s true of EVERYONE here, haha.

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Welcome. The forum doesn’t seem to have taken off too much. It’s a kind of old school social media of sorts that used to be huge back in the early 2000s, but they kind of fell from popularity with the advent of Facebook groups and what not. I don’t know how anyone can keep up with Discord groups.