Ivory billed woodpecker

Hi everyone, just wondering about the possible range of the presumed extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker.
I saw a large woodpecker 3 days ago near my home in southeast Virginia. Biggest woodpecker I have every seen. It had white on its head and down it’s back and onto the lower part (kind of triangular shape) of its wings.
When I looked it up it said presumed extinct and it showed it’s range a little more south of Virginia.
A UPS truck came down the road as I was reaching for my phone to get a photo and scared it off I have quite a few game cameras that I am going to set up now and see if I can catch it on one of them. I was initially trying to get a photo to show my wife and kids how big it was and it was because of its size that I decided to look it up. Took me a while because I didn’t have any idea if a name for it so I had to look through photos and I was focused mainly on woodpeckers in and around my region. While taking a break from looking my son and I watched the wild times podcast and BOOM, it was about this huge woodpecker I saw.

I will update when I hopefully get it in a photo.

Any information on what is known about it’s possible range and specifics that I should look for when setting up the cameras would be great!


Hey man! For sure keep us posted! But regarding their range: Presumed to be from the Ohio River Valley, west to Texas, and East to Florida (see below).

So the bird you saw might not be an Ivory Billed Woodpecker, but quite a large Piliated Woodpecker.