Finding Rare Animals in India - TWTtitleonly Ep. 106

Originally published at: Finding Rare Animals in India - TWTtitleonly Ep. 106 | The Wild Times Podcast

TWTtitleonly crew discuss Forrest’s trip with his mom to India, if Peter could take on a marten, and how the world would be if our genitals were on our foreheads.


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Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT #106 – The Breakdown

00:00 – Intro
3:23 – Forrest in India
5:58 – Finding Red Pandas
16:50 – How to Enjoy Traveling
23:33 – Podcasts are Boring
26:48 – Peter vs Marten
35:29 – Animal Mystery
42.26 – India Has Amazing Wildlife
50:08 – Dicks on Foreheads
58.37 – Wrapping Up


I really enjoyed this one. What’s the sequel video that talks about Forrest’s adventure with the gharrials? One thing about it really bothered me though…and i will make a seperate post about that…i think you guys have been living better than working class for way too long to speak down to Earth…your travel advice was actually spot on…if you don’t take at least two or three weeks on a big trip you won’t enjoy yourself…but it is freaking hard to afford even 2 or 3 days much less 2 or 3 weeks…most of my life its been like that…only recently at age 40 i am able to afford more… i am concerned your message is clouded by not being in touch with the daily grind working class…that’s what happened to Bill Mahar…he was smart and funny until he had been rich so long he lost touch…so guys i know shooting schedules are brutal and you guys work but not regular jobs like most of your listeners (i imagine)…i remember being a college student and that was even more strained financially than being working poor (which im better off than some but only a margin)…i just don’t remember you guys giving pushback…or commenting on how sadly 2/3 weeks isn’t attainable for some people. Hey, if I’m wrong or unfair, let me know