February Discussion Post: Happy Birthday to the Wild Times Project!

Hey brosteners,

Drew checking back in. Sorry for missing the January discussion post, my semester’s off to a crazy start with all manner of field work! This month we have a special discussion post as the Wild Times iNaturalist Project celebrates its first birthday! This project has come such a long way since I created it a year ago. I can’t believe how much we’ve grown and it’s been such a joy to interact with brosteners through this platform and see all the biodiversity everyone is seeing. We’re almost up to 13,000 species observed, what an accomplishment! I’d like to give a warm thank you to everyone who has signed onto this project, we couldn’t have reached this point without y’all!

In the spirit of celebration, I’d love to use this month’s discussion post to hear when everyone’s birthdays are, and feel free to answer the following question: if you could make an observation of any animal to make your birthday as special as possible, what would it be? I’ll go first: I’d celebrate my birthday by observing an Indri lemur in its natural habitat in Madagascar. Indris are the largest-bodied extant lemur species, and I think they are incredibly beautiful. It is my dream to hear them vocalize to eachother in person, and Madagascar is my dream destination because of it! Now let’s hear yours!

If you haven’t joined the Wild Times Project on iNaturalist, come check us out at The Wild Times Project · iNaturalist and join in on the fun!

Always Wild,

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Id celebrate my birthday by observing my favourite animal: elephant. I dont know why but i just like how majestic they are. And if i had the opportunity i would also like to observe one of my favourite birds: the great gray owl!

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What up Drew! I didn’t realize you made the project so recently! A Happy Birthday indeed, it’s super cool to see the contributions that have been made from all over the world. My Birthday is September 8 - and to make my birthday as special as possible, my observation would have to be of a 10 pound Largemouth Bass. I’ve added over 100 observations of Largemouth Bass on iNaturalist; a number of them are over 6 pounds and a few of them are over 7 pounds, but I’m still searching for a true giant. Obviously adding a new rare species would be great, but I don’t think anything would top a 10 pound Largemouth.