Brostener Receives 'Observation of the Day' on iNaturalist!

Shoutout to iNaturalist user and brostener alboertoalcala for his observation of a Pacific Stargazer that received the distinction of Observation of the Day by the iNaturalist team!

Stargazers are a saltwater benthic fish that get their name from their upturned eyes, which help them act as ambush predators as they lay buried in the sand in wait of prey. alboertoalcala’s post shows one doing just that! Many species of this clade are also known to harbor venomous spines, and some species are able to release a low-voltage electric shock to ward off predators, similar to an electric eel. Crazy find deserving of some recognition, check out the observation linked below!!

Pacific Stargazer (Astroscopus zephyreus) from Manzanillo, MX-CL, MX on February 03, 2023 at 09:46 AM by Alberto Alcalá · iNaturalist