Bizarre aye-ayes use spooky, bony finger for nose picking


The video on the link shows the aye aye put almost the entire finger up its nose, and i thought the nurse giving me a covid nasal swab was pushing the limits!

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I could talk about lemurs all day!! Also 10/28 was World Lemur Day for those who missed it!!!

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Never knew there was a world lemur day, they are cool creatures and i enjoy learning about them, today i learned that the aye aye has a pair of rodent like, perpetually growing incisors and although aye ayes kind of look like an undead koala I still think they are cute.

oh yeah, they’re crazy unique even among lemurs

Crazy fact about aye ayes: they’re so distinct from the rest of extant lemur diversity that it’s been hypothesized that they evolved completely separately from all other lemurs! Some even suggest that relatives of the aye aye rafted to Madagascar from east Africa on debris separately from the ancestors of all our other lemurs. They’re just built different…

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